Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spread Me Out Like a Magazine! Vol. 1

This assignment consisted of taking text from a pre-existing magazine article and putting it with our own layout and artwork/photography. The biggest challenge was fitting the amount of text that was provided in the article onto two 8.5X11" sheets of paper. In general, I did a watercolor illustration of a student at a desk looking frustrated and distraught. I then took some distressed text that looked like it fit the theme, and used that as a decorative font at the top to draw in the viewers attention. We shall see what the outcome of the next spread is soon! Until then,


  1. 5 bucks says Rusty says something about how the person is facing away from the rest of the article...

  2. Your image needs to face into the layout not out.
    Where is your updated layout. Where were you today. No email. You just burned an absence.