Monday, August 31, 2009

Project 1

Visual Communications II: Project 1

So, we just finished with project 1. The assignment was to recreate some 8.5" X 11" fliers that were hanging on bulletin boards around campus. This project was relatively easy in comparison to others that will be headed our way this fall. For my posters, as described in class today, I basically vomited on to the pieces of paper. Idea vomit is sometimes an okay thing, but in this case it was almost to easy as I am looking to step up my game. It can be complicated at times though. After switching the old brain into creative off mode this summer, flipping that switch back on can sometimes in return be very difficult. I will be uploading these fliers here shortly, so stay tuned! Until next time!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yay for blogging!

Hello everyone. Today I decided to start up my own blog. I will currently be enrolled in a course at Truman State University that is requiring me to use a blog. For the longest time, I felt like blogs were just for narcissistic people with no life. But then I found that it could be used for more than just that. More importantly, you should look for uploads soon of my Visual Communications work in Graphic Design! I will be keeping and up to date portfolio of my most recent work. So come by check it out and tell me if you like what you see! Take care and talk soon!