Monday, September 28, 2009


So, we tossed the other salad aside and started a fresh layout. It was bad. According to Rusty, I had a few issues. So I think I resolved them with this one, but not sure yet. We shall find out in our crit this morning.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Control the Full

This article basically sucked! As you can see from the layout it was very text heavy, as opposed to the last one. It is a four color job, but I couldn't figure out a color scheme. Check back and I will hopefully have an updated one over the weekend. The most difficult thing about this was finding an image that suited the material. Thanks to a stock photo purchase, I was able to find a cute little dude holding utensils from the kitchen! I felt it was very fitting. As far as the text, that was an issue yet again. When will I ever learn how to fit text correctly. Or will I?

How Safe-And It's Not Even About Sex

This new layout deals with food safety. This article was actually very easy to come up with a layout for, but was difficult to place the text. This layout only dealt with a minimal amount of text so that was the difficult portion to it all. I really had fun with this one, minus the text. I just let all I knew about magazines and their formats, and let it flow onto the page. Here is the final product!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Spread!

This was a pain in the butt! Nothing went right! I really struggled with this layout. Ideas kept coming to mind, but the execution in the end was well, you will see from the pictures. Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spread Me Out Like a Magazine! Vol. 1

This assignment consisted of taking text from a pre-existing magazine article and putting it with our own layout and artwork/photography. The biggest challenge was fitting the amount of text that was provided in the article onto two 8.5X11" sheets of paper. In general, I did a watercolor illustration of a student at a desk looking frustrated and distraught. I then took some distressed text that looked like it fit the theme, and used that as a decorative font at the top to draw in the viewers attention. We shall see what the outcome of the next spread is soon! Until then,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Native American History Month Stage 3-3

So, we have officially done three different rough drafts for the Native American History Month project. I didn't put the last one up, because it definitely was not even worthy. The work done on this was a marker composition. It is getting posted late because I have been ill today! I feel like I have worked some kinks out as far as layout goes. I managed to actually include some text blocking on this one as well. So we shall see! Look for the magazine layouts to come!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Native American or American't

So this is our fourth project that is based on Native American History Month. Stage 1 was creating a simple layout and comping it up for our "Art Director!" This piece is 13X19 and I started off with a 13X19 marker comp to get a feel for the space that we would be utilizing during this project. As you can see in the file, I have gone with a theme of spirit animals. The Native American's beliefs included spirit animals, and so I went along with this theme. Also, I did some artwork on the title that would be traditional for that of the Native Americans. So what do you think? Native American or American't?
Until next time: